Before The Hurricane Hits

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A Preparation List

Preparation is the key to weathering storms. This checklist will provide you a quite to the most common needs for making it through a hurricane or tropical storm.

1. Have an evacuation plan for your family. Be sure that everyone knows where to go and who they need to contact when disaster strikes. Most importantly, make sure to go over the plan with your family on a regular basis.

2. Put together a survival kit that can provide each member of your family 1 solid week of the following: WATER, non-perishable food, candles, lights (and batteries), emergency cash, first-aid supplies, clean clothes, mechanical can opener, blankets, and duct tape.

3. Maintain an inventory list of your belongings, in the event they will need replaced.

4. Fill your vehicles’ gas tanks.


5. Be sure that any maintenance medication prescriptions are filled as best as possible.

6. Keep the trees on your property properly trimmed, especially with trees that are near your home or windows.

Physical items on this list can be stored in a large plastic tub and stored away.

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