5 Money Saving Tips

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Wallet with Dollars

Let’s face it. Most families don’t have unlimited funds in their budgets. Every penny counts. These tips can help you save hundreds of dollars!

1. Air Conditioner

We don’t need to tell you that South Texas is hot. Setting your A/C just a few degrees higher, from 72 to 75, can lower your electric bill significantly.

2. The Dollar Store

Many household products, such as glass cleaner, paper products, and dish soap, can be purchased at a local dollar store. Save stacks of money here!

3. Inexpensive Family Night

Friday nights are family nights in many homes. The movies or a night out can be expensive. A trip to the local theater for a family of four can cost over $40 easily. On the other hand, a typical RedBox rental is typically less than $2.

4. Be Your Own Barista

Everyone loves coffee first thing in the morning. And while we all may not be able to create coffee creations like the one pictured here, brewing your own coffee at home can save tons of money. The average cost of a home brewed coffee is $0.10, while the same cup can cost upwards of $4.00! That’s a savings of $936.00/year.

5. Stop Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water is convenient, but it has a heavy price tag. Even local brands of bottled water can cost over $1.50. For the same cost you can drink a gallon of water from your faucet. A reusable water bottle filled from your faucet can save you hundreds.

So there you have it.

If you were to follow all five of these simple tips. You could potentially save thousands of dollars every year. I hope you consider them and hope to hear about your savings. Comment below!

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