Hail Damage In The Rio Grande Valley

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Most mobile home insurance policies include hail damage. Hail damage is very common, especially in parts of Texas like the Rio Grande Valley. Sometimes there will be very obvious damage with large size hail and sometimes not so much; it can be more subtle. An examination of your property should determine if you need to call your insurance agent and have him go over your policy with you, and possibly come by for an on-site inspection.

Sometimes though, it is better to inspect the hail damage yourself. Hail damage always has an irregular pattern of damage. If the damage is perfectly regular, then it is most likely not hail damage. Be sure and know your deductible amount on your insurance and determine if you have only minor damage or not. If it is minimal, it could be un-economic to file a claim. In some states just filing a claim, even if it is denied, can count against your policy.

If you are un-sure, you can have your roof or structure inspected by a contractor, or other professional. An insurance adjuster would probably be best, but you might not want immediately to go that route. In any case, it is good to know the condition of your mobile home.

Multiple Types of Hail Damage

There are multiple types of damage that, for instance, can occur on the siding of the house. Vinyl siding, if it is new can withstand a significant amount of abuse from hail because of its flexibility. Older vinyl siding much less so. It loses flexibility with age, and can end up both battered and cracked. Other types of siding react differently. When in doubt whether the damage is due to just age and normal weathering or has suffered hail damage, have a professional inspection.
Hail Damage is included normally under more comprehensive coverage.

There is a variety of options from insuring just the physical structure itself, to including personal property as well. There are special rental policies available, as well as seasonal coverage for just part of the year. Policies that cover vacant mobile homes are a good option for some, especially for vacation homes and structures in seasonal tourist locations. This is very important for the Rio Grande Valley area since thousands of Winter Texans own their mobile homes and stay only during the winter season.

Hail and wind coverage are critical components of any comprehensive mobile home coverage in south Texas.

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